Software Engineering Intern, Microsoft

  • Worked as a full stack developer at Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile team to optimize the metadata sync process.
  • Designed & implemented both privilege based & on demand sync optimization techniques along with the appropriate UX/UI changes which reduced the app-load time by up to 65% and sync time by up to 20%.

Undergraduate Research Assistant, UW Interactive Data Lab

  • Working on open-source data visualization grammar called vega-lite at the UW Seattle's Interactive Data Lab.
  • Implemented support for statistical graphics in vega-lite by extending visualization grammar to support ranged marks and composite marks in addition to primitive marks.

Co-Founder & Lead Developer, Aced

  • Co-founded an on demand student-to-student in-person tutoring service on UW Seattle Campus. Acquired over 90 users within a week of beta release.
  • Developed the entire backend with login via Facebook, payments via Stripe, and messaging via Twilio using a REST API written in Node/Express & MongoDB.
  • Worked in a team and performed UX testing to get feedback on improving the flow of the app.

Software Engineering Intern, CleverTap

  • Developed a Shopify plugin that automatically integrate users' CleverTap account with their Shopify store via OAuth.
  • Allowed CleverTap to quickly expand their business to 100K+ Shopify store owners without any technical skills.
  • Wrote documentation on integrating app install attribution using 3rd party services like adjust.io & AppsFlyer



An on-demand application for vegetable and fruits delivery.


A collection of all the startups and side projects made at University of Washington Seattle. Worked on the backend API and currently working on a graph like data visualization for representing connections between projects & makers.

Street Stalk

Load up your google location history data and go through a movie of where you have been through google street views.

CSE14x Grade Analysis

Used d3.js to build various visualizations to identify patterns in the scores achieved by the students on homework, exams, and the overall grades in the class.

Substitution Chart

An Intelligent Java application that prints out the Substitute teacher chart for each absent teacher in a speicific prefenctial order


A Java Class for Cartesian Co-ordinate system in JPanel


Developed a website for an NGO that connects blood donors and patients in need easily through a listing filtered by location.


DubHacks '15: Lyteup.co

Lyteup.co is a social network which allows friends, family and coworkers to express themselves in emotions rather than words.

Angel Hacks Delhi: ApolloX

A simple collaborative context aware app for everything you do, and anything else you forget to do.

Codeday Spring '15: Beanbag

An on demand bean-bag delivery app for students sleeping at Odeegard Library.

BMW Hack The Drive: Hawk

Hawk, a parental monitoring web app that allows you to check-in on your teen by tracking history of your car's driving usage.

Codeday Winter '15: Multiplayer Round Table Hockey

A multiplayer circular table Air Hockey game built within 9 hours using HTML Canvas and Socket.io. Used for vector algebra for the collision detection. Supports mouse and Leap Motion as controllers.

DubHacks '14: Rhythmic Ride

Android app that uses music to make you a safe driver. Uses the Moj.io API connected to car to adjust music based on driving factors, currently speed.